Bharatanatyam Male DancerThe origin of Bharatanatyam stems back some 2000 years. It is one of the most deep-rooted and popular forms of classical Indian dance, originating from the Tanjore district of South India. According to Indian mythology, it is widely believed that the Hindu God Shiva, who is also known as the Destroyer, was the initial creator of the Bharatanatyam dance. Hindu God Brahma – also known as the Creator – and Vishnu – the Hindu God of Protection, along with Shiva came together to form the principles that make up the traditional Bharatanatyam style. Encompassing all that is spiritual, prior to commencing a Bharatanatyam performance, a dancer will bang on the floor to let Mother Earth know that they are about to commence their sacred dance on her. They will also offer prayers to Mother Earth for the purpose of thanking her for the opportunity to dance upon her before an audience. The dance encompasses many religious values, with dancers working very hard to perfect the dance in order to pay tribute to it the highest degree. They will do this by both acknowledging their audience, their traditional gods and their religion, as well as praying beforehand and wearing traditional garments and jewellery for the dance.

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